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FOX on offense, says Gibson bungled the "Bush Doctrine" question

Reported by Chrish - September 12, 2008 -

As I write this I'm listening to Bill Hemmer discuss with Bill Sammon the ABC interview of Sarah Palin last night 9/11/08, and they are criticizing Charles Gibson for his question about the Bush Doctrine, claiming that there is no clear "understanding" or definition. Of course this is to obfuscate and cover the fact that Sarah Palin, Vice-presidential nominee and potentially PotUS, was clearly bewildered by the question. But this isn't about them.

Frequent guest, FOX News contributor and sister-company New York Post columnist Kirsten Powers has written another NYPost column that regurgitates all the right-wing talking points. It seems that in the pursuit of appearing "independent" Ms. Powers has chosen to identify more with Democrats' opponents. In her column she defends Sarah Palin and criticizes Cahrles Gibson, ABC, and the media for their alleged portrayal of Palin as a "right-wing nut-job." (Funny, I recall "hockey mom," "mother of five," "Christian," "moose hunter," "maverick," "reformer," etc., references to her fashion trend-setting and appeal to women by virtue of her having a uterus, with breathless and uncritical coverage of her stumping with McCain repeating lies and canned propaganda. The investigative and critical literature is found on blogs and websites screaming for some journalism.)

Powers, who's obviously drunk the "fairandbalanced" Kool-aid, started her column

"At times, Palin seemed to know less than she should. On the other hand, Gibson sometimes seemed to "know" things that just aren't so. "
She remarked on Palin's inadequate answers but chalked it up to "a result of the ham-fisted editing - which seemed to cut her off mid-thought on many answers," and asserted that "ABC should release the entire, unedited interview, so that Americans can judge her more fairly." Maybe I missed the column where she demanded FOX air O'Reilly's "interviews" of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in entirety "so that Americans can judge them more fairly." Nope, nothing there.

Powers makes a couple of valid points in her column but the overall tenor is that Palin is being unfairly persecuted and misrepresented. Why can't she take that attitude with, you know, Democrats? This is another example of why she's a darling on FNC. I wouldn't be surprised to see her substitute-anchor one of these days, as she is that reliably weak at defending liberal positions.

As expected, FOX is already doing damage control for Palin and I expect to see it continue throughout the day.