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Cavuto: Sarah Palin Doesn't Know What the Bush Doctrine Is? So What. Neither Do "90% of Americans"

Reported by Melanie - September 12, 2008 -

Neil Cavuto spent most of the day today (September 12, 2008) on Hurricane Ike (my best wishes to everyone in its path) but he did take some time out for politickin'. Hey, Sarah Palin can't go undefended, now can she? So on came Mitt Romney to, per the chyron, "comment on Charlie Gibson's intv with Sarah Palin."

Predictably, Romney said he thought Palin "silenced a lot of people" because she was "obviously knowledgeable, well prepared, thoughtful" and he thought she did a "terrific job." But "no one's going to be Henry Kissinger even if they want to be."

Then they moved on, Cavuto wondering what Romney's advice to Palin would be on how to handle "gotcha moments" that "everyone's going for" (even though she's only had one freakin' interview so far). Romney said the "American people are beginning to dismiss the idea that a quiz show is the way to determine who the next president should be."

At that, Cavuto came back with, "But he [Gibson] did it in a way by saying well what do you think of the Bush Doctrine? Like, 90% of Americans have no idea what he means by the Bush Doctrine, but if you were to rephrase it and say what do you think of the president's preemptive war strategy, which is basically what you're after, what are you trying to prove with the whole Bush Doctrine thing, you know?"

Romney: "Yeah, I think when there are attempts at a gotcha question the American people are growing tired of it and they don't pay a lot of attention and I think that what she did was the kind of knowledgeable, thoughtful experience that you want in the leader of a nation and ah, ah so, they found that she passed pretty well." "The American people," they just don't "pay a lot of attention" to these "slips of the tongue" or "a mistake here or there."

Here's video:

Comment: Man, unbelievable isn't it? (1) The new standard for knowing what's going on in the world is Henry Kissinger (whose background I won't go into here)? How about it being someone who has been paying attention which I would think someone like Palin would have been doing. (2) Since "90% of Americans have no idea" what the Bush Doctrine is, a PERSON WHO COULD BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES can be excused for not knowing what it is too?! And Cavuto is wrong to define it as "preemptive war." It's far worse than that. It's preventative war. And the bar is set very, very low: "America will act against emerging threats before they are fully formed." It's akin to people with a dog moving in next door to me and me deciding that the dog will probably be a barker so I get to blow up their house. Preemptive implies that we would have knowledge that a nation is preparing to attack us before we attacked them. But no. Under the Bush Doctrine we can preventively blow any country to smithereens because we assume, think, surmise, suspect or just have a feeling that they might maybe possibly, at some point in the future - tomorrow or ten years from now - do something to us. Too bad Cavuto doesn't understand that because it's a very big deal. And the fact that Sarah Palin doesn't know what the Bush Doctrine is, and hasn't given it a second's worth of thought, scares the bejesus out of me. 90% of Americans might not know what it is - and whose fault would that be, huh, Mr. Fair and Balance News media guy? - but I sure as hell want someone who has a 30% chance of becoming the president to know what it is. "Gotcha question?" Give me a break.

UPDATE: Looks like the GOP sent a memo out urging the MSM to push the nobody-knows-what-it-is line and, stenographers that they are, they obeyed.

UPDATE - 72 hours later - Mitt says McCain's lyin':