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“Grapevine” Hits Liberal Bias On News Network – And MTV!!!!

Reported by Priscilla - September 11, 2008 -

Fox News, a paragon of “fair and balanced” journalism (?!), teased its Monday night “Grapevine” with the comment that “another cable channel ousts anchors from political events because of liberal bias.” This of course refers to MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews who won’t be anchoring coverage during the upcoming debates and elections night due to what was considered, by the network, to be liberal bias. The coverage will be anchored by David Gregory. And while it was noted that “MSNBC has yanked two controversial figures from anchoring its political coverage after complaints of bias,” it was not reported that both Olbermann and Matthews will be providing commentary at these events – hence, the tease about “ousting anchors from political events” is a teensy bit inaccurate. (Comment: but who cares about details when you’re “fair and balanced?”) Not content with this juicy bit of “liberal bias,” “Grapevine” continued with a little screed about “liberal bias” on MTV. (Comment: who knew?)

“Grapevine” reported that British comedian Russell Brand’s political commentary, at the MTV award ceremony, was “even worse” than the “liberal bias” of MSNBC. Brand hosted the Video Music Awards broadcast on MTV. It was noted that he made derogatory comments about Bush and urged people to vote for Obama. According to other press sources, he made fun of the Jonas Brothers’ Purity Rings and used that as a vehicle to joke about Bristol Palin. After quoting Brand’s comment about Bush (comment: which I thought was pretty accurate) “Grapevine” concluded with “That, during an MTV ceremony.”

Comment: Right, an MTV ceremony. Not the awarding of the Congressional Medal of Honor. Not the awarding of the Nobel Prizes. Not even the Oscars or Emmy’s. The reviews of Brand’s performance were tepid (here and here) and seemed to indicate some discomfort with the performance. I’m not familiar with Brand; but it appears that it was Brand being Brand. But big f’ing deal. This is an entertainment show on an entertainment network that is probably not too popular with the Fox audience. Unlike Fox News, MTV makes no pretensions towards being “fair and balanced” and isn’t making a concerted event to influence an American election. (Is Fox suggesting a “fairness doctrine for music award shows?) Bottom line is that MTV operates in the free market and can do whatever it wants to do. Meanwhile, Fox “News” uses its daily platform to host guests who make far more denigrating comments about Democrats and all the enemies du jour. Where was Fox’s outrage when Ann Coulter, on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” called both Clinton and Gore “gay?” Or when she was on the Donny Deutsch Show and talked about how Jews need to embrace Christianity. When her comedic styling extended to calling John Edwards a “fag,” at CPAC, where was the outrage from Fox? I suspect that if Michael Moore made jokes about assassinating sitting presidents and Supreme Court justices, Fox would be outraged. But somehow comedienne Coulter gets a pass. As noted on News Hounds, Greg Gutfeld joked about killing liberals – That, on the Fox News network.