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FOX News Polishes Palin's Day To Perfection

Reported by Deborah - September 11, 2008 -

Shepard Smith offered a glowing report on Sarah Palin's busy day which included a successful interview with Charlie Gibson, a tearful farewell to her son and a poignant plea to Rick Warren for help dealing with her unfair critics.

Smith earnestly reported during the Gibson interview Governor Palin explained her comment made in an Alaska church three months ago claiming that the war in Iraq was God's plan. It seems she was misunderstood and was only referring to a quote by Abraham Lincoln. (How unfair we've been)

Her send off speech for her her son and the other young soldiers leaving for Iraq was shown again and Palin was lauded for not naming her son during her speech except for that one touching comment that pointed to her persona pain. Track Palin got kudos too for asking not to be given special treatment even though he might be in special danger.

Then just in case anyone was getting ready to think or heaven forbid utter anything other than praise and admiration, Smith revealed that Palin called Rick Warren to ask him for Bible verses to help her deal with the unfair treatment she has been forced to endure. Smith obviously eager to be fair acknowledged that Palin claims Rick Warren called her first and she called him back.

Here's a link to Palin's ABC interview from Raw Story