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The Ongoing Saga of Poor, Poor, Persecuted Sarah

Reported by Priscilla - September 10, 2008 -

Last night’s “Grapevine” began with more wheeping and gnashing of teeth over the treatment of Sarah Palin by those nasty, bad liberals. The “tease” for the first segment was “Liberals go after Sarah Palin with a vengeance.” Once again, this tough, lipstick wearing, moose hunting woman needs protection. (Comment: seems to undercut her image as the GOP’s Joan of Arc; but go figure!) Read on for some interesting commentary using words that Fox thinks are "unsuitable."

According to “Grapevine,” the left has “gone around the bend” as evidenced by University of Michigan professor Juan Cole’s (his anti-war positions have earned him a great, big scarlet letter in the right wing world) contention that Sarah Palin is a religious extremist. (Comment: She attends a church that attempts to “pray away the gay” and which, two weeks ago, had a guest speaker, the executive director of Jews for Jesus, David Brickner. Brickner has been criticized by the ADL for saying that terrorist attacks on Israel are God’s punishment for those Jews who don’t accept Jesus. Cole is absolutely correct. That’s extremist.)

But the real ire was saved for Salon’s Gary Kamiya who “compares Palin to a whip-wielding dominatrix who he says is attempting to seduce independent voters, adding that the GOP is now the party of sex, women and fun. In language that can't be used here, he says delegates were sexually aroused by Palin.”

Comment: The language that “Grapvine” can’t use is this : “For the die-hard Republicans who lusted over Palin at the convention, her whip-wielding persona was a turn-on. You could practically feel the crowd getting a collective woody as Palin bent Obama and the Democrats over, shoved a leather gag in their mouths and flogged them as un-American wimps, appeasers and losers. "Drill, baby, drill!" the chant ecstatically repeated by the GOP faithful during Rudy Giuliani's speech, acquired a distinctly Freudian subtext after Palin spoke” (Comment: Bet Bill O’Reilly would appreciate these metaphors!)

Kamiya links to a priceless article by Avi Steinberg who attended an early morning party for Republican delegates and described, in hilarious detail, the drunken buffoonery. He provides some commentary, about Palin, straight from the horses (elephant’s?) mouths. Here’s what was happening in the “family values” crowd:

"There's a lot of hot chicks here," he tells me in a failed attempt at a whisper. He reeks of chardonnay. "You cannot spring a woody here, dude. Your pants got no give, know what I mean? It'd be totally obvious. Gov. Palin is staying here -- you gotta be careful. You get what I'm saying? You can't get wood on the job." …One of his pals chimes in.
"Gov. Palin is hot, dude," he says, collapsing onto a bench in front of the hotel entrance.
Even in their lusty, alcohol-fueled swoons, these young politicos still call Palin "governor." In a way, this reverential horniness is sort of endearing. But mostly it's just creepy. Sitting on the bench, the young man leans his head back and squeezes his eyes shut, trying, and failing, to stave off vertigo. "Total MILF."

As a parting shot at Kamiya who, when one thinks of Republican Senators Vitter and Craig, is right on target (although not my idea of fun; but whatever gets you through the night…) “Grapevine” had this: “Salon's bio of Kamiya, by the way, says his background includes "a brief LSD-riddled stint at Yale." The “Biography” is written in a satirical style; but that doesn’t matter to satire challenged Fox, which obviously, wants to smear the San Francisco columnist. It should be noted that Kamiya also has a Masters Degree in English UC Berkeley where he won the Mark Schorer Citation in English Literature. Drugs at Yale. Didn't George Bush attend Yale?! (Note: I'm not inferring anything, I'm just illustrating, in a satirical manner, how the juice is pressed on the "Grapevine.")