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Republican Karen Hughes: Being A Small Town Mayor Qualifies Palin For Vice Presidency “Because You Live With Your Constituents”

Reported by Ellen - September 10, 2008 -

During an appearance on last night’s (9/9/08) Hannity & Colmes, former Bush Advisor Karen Hughes insisted that Sarah Palin was “well-qualified” to be vice president and cited her experience as a small town mayor because "you live with your constituents." Hughes also made the laughable claim that choosing Palin was an indication of John McCain reaching across the aisle. With video.

Hughes told Alan Colmes in the first half of the interview, “(Palin’s) selection reinforced the strengths of Senator McCain. The fact that he is a real reformer... who has a record of reaching across the aisle.”

Colmes said, “How do you call it reaching across the aisle when he chooses a woman not only because she’s female but because she is a rock solid conservative to firm up his base? That’s not reaching across the aisle.”

“Well, I think it IS reaching across the aisle,” Hughes replied. “He’s reached to someone who is a reformer, who’s taken on the status quo, the special interests in her own state, who’s fought corruption who has taken on even members of her own Republican party and I think that reinforces and reminds the people of America who John McCain is and what John McCain is all about.”

Comment: Sure it does. It reminds us that he is willing to go against his own mantra about the importance of experience and choose a factually-challenged extremist with an interest in book-banning who poses as a regular hockey-Mom while hiding from the press. With her ties to the secessionist Alaska Independence Party (whose motto is “Alaska First”), she even belies McCain’s own campaign slogan of “Country First.”

But for some reason that I just don’t get, Democrats are not driving that point home.

Meanwhile, Hughes went on to assert that McCain is sometimes with and sometimes not with Bush. I suppose that's technically true because 90% of the time McCain is with Bush and 10% he’s not.

Then Hughes got off her biggest whopper. She said, “I was laughing when I heard them deriding (Palin’s) experience as a small town mayor. I don’t think there’s too many jobs in politics that are harder than being a small town mayor because you live with your constituents. You go to church with them. You see them in the grocery store. And that’s the kind of practical, every day experience that I’d like to see a lot more of in Washington.”

Yeah, and just as she developed foreign policy experience because Alaska is so close to Russia, Palin is probably an expert on the economy because she's always rubbing elbows with her banker.