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Per Fox, Zillions of Democrats Support McCain; a Tiny Group of Republicans Support Obama

Reported by Melanie - September 10, 2008 -

Yesterday Neil Cavuto conducted a fairly long interview with Ron Paul about a press conference Paul scheduled for today (September 10 2008). Cavuto used cutesy ploys to try to squeeze information out of Paul as to what it was about — other than that it had something to do with third parties — but Paul was tight lipped and didn't reveal anything of note.

Despite yesterday's longish interview, today there was no follow-up even though Cavuto hosted Bob Barr, who was on to discuss the fact that he has asked Paul to be his running mate. So I was curious as to what was going on. It didn't take long to find out: Fellow Republican Paul Rejects McCain, Boosts Others.

Comment: Since late May (again, since late May), Cavuto has featured a parade of (alleged) Democrats who are supporting McCain (one was on today, bashing Obama for, guess what, the lipstick thing that the Republicans are feigning outrage over) but he's been mum on Republicans who are supporting Obama (or someone other than McCain). Oh, no, I take that back. He did have one guy on during all that time; Douglas Kmiec of Republicans for Obama who appeared on August 12. Yep, more of that "fair and balanced" coverage they keep bragging about.

UPDATE: Wooooh. Can't wait to see Cavuto feature two or three guests a week for the next seven weeks from this group: Alaska Women Against Palin.