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Palin is the lipstick, not the pig! FOX spins Obama as sexist, stupid.

Reported by Chrish - September 10, 2008 -

Gretchen Carlson promised, on FOX and Friends this morning 9/10/08, that Barack Obama's use of the expression "you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig" would "create a huge firestorm today because this is all we're talking about today!" (glancing down at her notes). Well with logic like that....

with video

Steve Doocy showed a couple of outraged front pages to shore up their point (the tabloidy NY Daily News and the equally tabloidy Murdoch-owned NY Post, the only two such headlines I found in an admittedly quick look through Newseum's front pages, although even Alaska's sole listed daily paper did not carry the "big story. Pfffft.)

Brian Kilmeade was the voice of reason, gawd help us all. While Carlson whined that it would be "stupid" for Obama to take a jab and Doocy complained that it would exhibit "extremely bad judgment," (his emphasis), Kilmeade argued that the analogy works for his philosophy. Doocy insisted that he should use anything but "lipstick" to make his point, while Carlson suggested he "pick a better animal."

That phrase made his point, said Kilmeade, but "his point's being lost - that's the discussion!" said Carlson. She turned it around further still and implied that his use of the phrase and the animal pig in particular was sexist, the most ridiculous spin I've heard in, well, at least hours since I watched O'Reilly last night.

Doocy added that "she's the lipstick candidate" and Obama is rattled since she came on the scene. Pointing to John McCain's use of the exact same phrase in regards to Hillary Clinton's healthcare proposals, Doocy explained that it's different because she had not made a reference to her use of lipstick the previous week. He then sank to hypotheticals: IF Clinton was the VP candidate, and IF she had made a remark about her use of lipstick, and IF the Republican candidate had used the 'lipstick on a pig' phrase a week later, wouldn't HE be called sexist by the MSM? You know when they cry that the MSM is not sharing their outrage that it's a purely partisan faux issue.

So there you have it, folks - by Carlson's own words, the topic today will not be the content of Obama's comments, his point that McCain is going to continue Bush policies and politics for four more years, but will be diverted by his use of phrase that might be insufficiently deferential to Ms. Palin. Best election coverage anywhere? Are they kidding themselves? They sure don't fool us. That they are even trying to make this the big story just shows off their non-news value and their agenda.

As Ellen already noted, Obama was talking about McCain and Bush's failed policies, and how McCain could repackage them but they're still the same old same old. Was he using an irreverent reference to Ms. Palin's "lipstick" punchline in her acceptance speech?

I think he was, but here's the deal:

Palin is the lipstick, not the pig. She's the pretty fresh face being used to gussy up the same old failed policies and politics of the Bush administration that John McCain will perpetuate (i.e., the pig.)
I thought it was a pretty clever and perfectly apt use of the phrase, but the right-wing media is going full tilt to distort it.

The McCain camp has said they will put Palin up for public scrutiny when the media's tone is properly "respectful and deferential." If she can't take a little irreverence maybe she's not tough enough for the job she's going after. Is she one of those thin-skinned conservatives who can dish it out but can't take it? Her media filter seems to imply that.