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Former beauty queen decries alleged sexism against Palin

Reported by Chrish - September 10, 2008 -

On this date in 1988, we were told by Steve Doocy on FOX and Friends, co-host Gretchen Carlson became Miss America. Her reaction?

"It was really only ten years ago," she said coyly.

(Actually Doocy was mistaken; she won 19 years ago in1989.)

Now there's a proud feminist stance for ya - lie about your age because we all know that the older a woman gets, the more (fill in the blank - useless, unattractive, invisible....) she gets; unlike men, who get distinguished, dignified, and manly. Why is it complimentary to males to call them manly but females strive to be girlish?

As a working-outside-the-home mother Carlson has adopted that feminist position for herself but she still supports a platform that would deny other women other rights. She has her job at least in part because of her looks and is required to wear a skirt rather than the more comfortable and egalitarian slacks (especially on that couch with a camera aimed straight at her lap!) Her complaints about sexism might ring a little truer if she was more consistent.

But having seen "Miss Congeniality" we can appreciate that it is a rough and tumble, sometimes vicious competition, so happy anniversary.