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This is What Passes as a "Liberal," "Democratic Strategist" on Fox: There are "a Lot of People Who Are Unsure About Barack Obama"

Reported by Melanie - September 9, 2008 -

Kirsten Powers, a rising star in Rupert Murdoch's media empire (who Chrish wrote about earlier today) appeared on Your World w/Neil Cavuto this afternoon to expand on her article in today's Murdoch-owned New York Post. (This is how they do it. Publish an article in the Post or the Wall Street Journal for example, and have the author sit in the green room at Fox all day appearing on show after show, and then maybe put he or she on the radio via BillO or Hannity. They get near saturation coverage that way. It's called the "vast right wing conspiracy" and it's for real.)

Powers was on to talk about why John McCain is "surging ahead of Obama among white women." Here is some of what Fox's "liberal," "Democratic strategist" had to say:

A "lot of different things are going on here." I "don't think it's just because [Palin's] a woman but certainly because she's a woman got a lot of people's attention and a lot of women are identifying with her." But a lot of it is her "sort of working class, blue collar background. Her husband's a union worker." There are "a lot of people who are unsure about Barack Obama," and I think they've been drawn to the McCain/Palin ticket because they see it as "more change, you know."

Cavuto pointed out that Powers "argued" in her column that people are "actually galvanized" by the McCain ticket. Powers said, again, that "there are a lot of things going on," and one of the things "is, I think, the over the top attacks from the media were so brutal that it's also allowed her to come out and be very strong. She was very tough in her convention speech and she was able to do that because she was under such attack that it seemed appropriate."

Cavuto: "But the media's still doing it."

Powers: "The media's still doing it and I think that, I think that, you have to remember probably the only people in this country who have a lower approval rating than Nancy Pelosi and her congress are the media and ah..."

Cavuto, interrupting: "[T]hey have to look into her record, but every time they do, it boomerangs."

Powers: "Well they should look into her record but they're not, you know, as you know, initially they weren't looking into her record..."

Cavuto: "Right."

Powers: "...They were talking about her as a mother. They were talking about her daughter. They were treating her daughter like Britney Spears. A lot of the 'reporting' on her record is just wrong. It's just factually incorrect and they've had to do retractions and they've had to correct things and I just think they have no credibility." People are also "confused about who these Hillary Clinton voters are." They thought they'd never vote for Sarah Palin because they're feminists and pro-choice but "that's not true." These people "look like Sarah Palin. These are working class people" but being pro-choice is "not the number one issue they're voting on."

Cavuto: "Do you think it's going to die down? It seems so frothy. She's almost like an Internet [inaudible - if you can figure it out let me know!]."

Powers: "It may wear off" as people get to know her "but I think she's had the impact that John McCain wanted, certainly."

I'll have video in a few minutes.

UPDATE: Here it is:

Comment: Sound like a "liberal," er, "Democratic strategist" to you? We have a separate category for "Fox's 'Democratic Strategists'" and Kirsten Powers is exactly the kind of person we had in mind when we created it, because they're frauds!