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O'Reilly accuses MSNBC, NBC, GE for blatant partisanship, fails to compare to FOX's

Reported by Chrish - September 9, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points memo this evening 9/9/08 was dishonestly titled "FOX News versus NBC News" because all O'Reilly didd was criticize and bash his nemiesis (still without mentioning Keith Olbermann by name!) while leaving out all the parallels at FOX News and News Corp.

Allow me.

(with video)

O'Reilly's criticism was prompted by MSNBC's decision to give the anchor chair to David Gregory for election special coverage - debates and election night at this point - relegating Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann to commentary. This move came after some unprofessional bickering by the two men during the conventions.

O'Reilly ticked off tired old talking points (drip, drip, drip) about the network, but didn't bring FOX News into it at all as the stated subject would have you think. For example, he stated that "everybody in the world knows they (NBC) are biased," but failed to admit that "everybody knows" FOX is biased.

As another example, he accused NBC heads Jeff Zucker and Steve Capus of being "committed leftists" and said NBC News is clearly in the tank for the Democratic Party while failing to note that FOX News head Roger Ailes is a committed Republican operative given free reign over the faux news channel by Rupert Murdoch.

O'Reilly says Zucker and Capus have "created a culture inside NBC News that is decidely left wing;" we can see by the personnel choices and storylines pursued that FOX News has a culture of right-wingerism.

One stark contrast that O'Reilly never fails to highlight is the ratings disparity - FOX has the highest ratings, while MSNBC is pretty consistently lowest (among the "big three" cable news outlets. He always fail to mention, though, that viewers have a variety of choices for their news; if they want the right-wing propaganda on a platter, they have to go to FOX.

O'Reilly's climax (I know, I know - don't go there) is calling MSNBC a dishonest enterprise, accusing them of "openly campaigning for a candidate." It appears to me that MSNBC has seen the error of putting analysts/commentators in the anchor chair and have adjusted accordingly. Now it is up to FOX to replace Brit Hume as their election anchor (his conservatism is plainly visible when he switches chairs on Sundays) with someone at FOX who is non-partisan. OK, we'll take less partisan. OK, maybe they could hire someone from outside for those nights.

Note too that at the beginning of the segment, O'Reilly cherry-picks an AP report, calls the author and the AP names, but then lauds the lines that he agrees with.

D'ya know that Dave Mason song, "It's like you never left"? I haven't been watching O'Reilly for a few months and it's amazing to come back and find it's the exact same old crap.