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Moments Before Hannity Attacked Obama For Accusing Republicans Of Calling Him A Muslim, Hannity Promoted The Smear, Himself

Reported by Ellen - September 9, 2008 -

Is there anyone alive more hypocritical than Sean Hannity? I doubt it. Hannity and FOX News have a long history of participating in and perpetuating the "Obama is a Muslim" smear. But on last night’s Hannity & Colmes, the former associate of a Neo-Nazi/white supremacist attacked Obama for accusing Republicans of promoting the smear. That came moments after Hannity deliberately hyped it one more time. With video.

The segment started with Hannity Hanctimoniously attacking comedian Russell Brand for daring to ridicule President Bush and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on MTV and imploring Americans to vote for Obama. Of course, Hannity never cares when Ann Coulter insults Democratic President Clinton, presidential candidate Obama nor the majority of Americans who call themselves Democrats nor did he care when Jesse Lee Peterson insulted all the African-Americans in Tennessee. But with his sincere face, Hannity whined about the “meanest, most vicious things” said about poor Sarah Palin. Never mind that Palin’s lie-filled convention speech was filled with personal attacks on Obama.

Apropos of nothing relating to Brand, Palin or even the election, at about 2:20 into the segment, Hannity introduced a clip from Obama’s recent interview with George Stephanopoulos in which Obama used the phrase “my Muslim faith.” Anyone who hears the interview immediately knows that Obama was referring to false allegations of his Muslim faith made by the right wing. But the remark reignited the right-wing blogs and funny how Mr. Hanctimonious just happened to mention it.

But that wasn’t hypocritical enough for Hannity. With bullyboy aggression, Hannity asked Democrat Steve Elmendorf, “Can you name any Republican on FOX who said that or any prominent member of the McCain campaign who says it?”

How about FOX News, itself? Let’s see... There was the famous phony madrassa story which Hannity aired on his radio show and also kept on his website for at least three days after the story was debunked. As recently as last month, Republican hit man Jerome Corsi repeatedly insinuated the allegation on Hannity & Colmes -- with no objection from Hannity. Also last month, FOX News posted a number of banners suggesting that Obama's a Muslim even while a guest discussed his devout Christianity. And that's not counting the "terrorist fist jab" remark by E.D. Hill.

Feel free to contact Hannity and refresh his memory at hannity@foxnews.com. You can also email FOX at feedback@foxnews.com, comments@foxnews.com or Colmes at colmes@foxnews.com.