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Fox Implies That the Spike in Unemployment was Caused by an Increase in the Minimum Wage

Reported by Melanie - September 9, 2008 -

Below is an "above the fold" screen shot taken at 8:24 a.m. ET this morning (September 9, 2008) at FoxBusiness.com.


Note the middle area containing the four headlines, the third of which reads, "What Caused the Unemployment Hike? It may be easy to blame the minimum wage increase -- but that may not be the case."


Read the article. It turns out that the increase in the minimum wage had nothing to do with the spike in the unemployment rate. But Fox is counting on people seeing that headline, not reading the article. And that headline reinforces the tired old Republican scare tactic of a mantra that raising worker pay will cause businesses to lay people off. Never mind that it isn't true — the point is to get that thought out there, which the headline does so effectively. (I did "the Google" and the gist of what I read about the increase in the unemployment rate is that due to the slowing economy, "consumers" aren't buying as much stuff so business are laying people off. Period.)