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"FOX Democrat" Powers expands to bashing Dems in print

Reported by Chrish - September 9, 2008 -

Kirsten Powers, a "FOX News Democrat," has quickly moved up the ranks within Rupert's kingdom. She's more likely than not agreeable with Republican talking points and goes so far as to point out the faults and failings of Democrats, the party she is supposedly representing. This weak support, no doubt bolstered by her stereotypical "all-American" FOX look, have now earned her a column at Murdoch's New York Post, where her column today 9/9/08 is entitled "How Obama Blew it." With friends like these....

The election is 7 weeks away, and here we have one of FOX's so-called Democrats tolling a death knell for her (supposed) candidate. As the right-wing base is "energized" by Sarah Palin (without knowing much except sketchy, superficial talking points about her) and discussion of her many contradictory positions is squashed, Democrats don't need Powers and her ilk moaning and criticizing Barack Obama and his supporters. But that's what is making her a star at FOX - the ability to say things from their point of view.

H/T reader Jeff.