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Florida Republcan women throw collective hissy fit, cancel "O" subscriptions

Reported by Chrish - September 9, 2008 -

Following up on yesterday's FOX and Friends' needling of Oprah Winfrey for declining to have Sarah Palin on as a guest until after the elections, this morning 9/9/08 the Friends reported that a group of GOPs in Florida have called on their sisters to boycott Oprah in an effort to force her to bring Palin on the show.

This is a prime example of FOX using its considerable platform to organize, ever so subtly, for the right. I saw this Oprah story repeated with sly references, barely a wink and a nod, throughout the day yesterday, even finding its way to the "straight news" Special Report, complete with ulterior motives ("liberal bias") assigned.

The mighty right-wing machine is going after Oprah. Stand strong, girlfriend!! Keep telling yourself "I'm not like Congress. I'm not like Congress."