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Finally! Questions About Palin’s Pastor and The Corruption Probe On FOX

Reported by Ellen - September 9, 2008 -

Considering how much time Hannity & Colmes has spent attacking Barack Obama over the views of his pastor (and they devoted at least one entire show to the subject), you’d think that the “fair and balanced” network would have pounced on the controversial, anti-American statements of the pastor of Sarah Palin’s long-time church, right? Wrong. Just last night (9/8/08), after more than a week of intense Palin coverage on the show, Alan Colmes finally had the opportunity to discuss that and that pesky corruption probe with which Palin originally promised to co-operate but is now stonewalling. Unfortunately, the guest, Palin biographer (and obvious admirer) Kaylene Johson, could not answer the questions. As usual, FOX News had Palin’s back and posted a stream of complimentary photos and banners on the screen during the discussion. We hope Colmes will keep at it, as he seems to be the only FOX News Democrat not fawning over Palin. With video