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Barack Obama Can Now Add Bill O'Reilly To His "Dubious Associations" List

Reported by Deborah - September 9, 2008 -

Tonight Bill O'Reilly offered us the "dubious association" portion of his interview with Barack Obama. Rehashing the Wright, Pfleger and Ayers connection, O'Reilly had every intention of taking this opportunity to make Obama look bad. In reality, it didn't really matter what Senator Obama said tonight because BOR made sure to remind his viewers exactly what to think and then had Tammy Bruce on right after the interview to reinforce his conclusions. Although O'Reilly opened with words of respect for Obama, it was very clear that he was prepared to do whatever it takes to keep the White House Republican.

On July 28th, O'Reilly told Bernie Goldberg that McCain should make an ad using the theme from Friends with shots of Wright, Pfleger and any other clown.... Tonight O'Reilly did his best to create that campaign ad on The Factor and there is little doubt that snippets will be used liberally on FOX News.

When Obama claimed he never heard Jeremiah Wright utter the offensive comments, BOR acted like he didn't believe it. Obama said that he heard Wright talk about racism and O'Reilly twisted it asking twice if Wright talked about hating white people. O'Reilly wanted to promote the concept spread on FOX News that Obama is an "angry black man".

Then he moved on to William Ayers and Obama was quick to remind BOR that he had "hyped" that issue pretty well. O'Reilly didn't push his denial to hard since he knew Obama was right and could probably provide an accurate count of all the segments with dates. Despite Obama's clear and reasonable analysis of his connection to Ayers, O'Reilly pushed hard.

When he started in on DailyKos, Obama zinged back brilliantly noting that he can't be held responsible for everything his associations say just like O'Reilly can't be held responsible for everything said on FOX News using Hannity as an example. O'Reilly tried to dismiss it with the "commentary" excuse and Obama noted that blogs were commentary too.

Finally BOR just went for a direct hit accusing Obama of only being comfortable with the far left noting that people want to identify with their president. He also had to add that his associations weren't anything like Obama's but forgot to mention that he literally ran away from the Democratic Convention because he was so uncomfortable.

This guilt by association thing is a slippery slope especially now that Palin is added to the mix. McCain, of course, has James Hagee, Keating, his Swift Boat pals and an assorted array of tainted Republican associates like Ted Stevens who he shares with his self proclaimed "soul mate". He and Palin both have some pretty rough religious connections that O'Reilly should explore like McCain and Rod Parsley and Palin and her church in Alaska. Maybe he'll get to that late in November after he stops airing re-runs of this Obama interview.