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More Selling Sarah – College Is Like Dating.

Reported by Priscilla - September 8, 2008 -

It would appear that Fox is anxious to do damage control for Sarah Palin at every opportunity. One of the aspects of Sarah’s narrative, that might be a teensy bit problematic, is that she attended 5 different colleges (switched schools six times) over the span of six years – in order to obtain her undergraduate degree – which is her only degree. But Fox can explain it all.

Corrected and Amended

Sunday Morning Fox&Friends tackled Sarah Palin’s academic history. Seems that Sarah bounced around a bit before getting her degree. (Comment: Like she was, like, so finding herself that, like, getting a degree was so bogus…) Fox’s Alisyn Camerota, who has a very good journalism degree from American University, said that “to those of us on the East Coast, it sounds like a lot.” She described it as a “geographical difference” and a function of the West Coast as seeing “college differently.” She added that West Coast kids (comment: I’m hearing Beach Boys music) “transfer around.” (Comment: “round, round, get around…) Weekend pals anchor, Dave Briggs (who is competing with Fox&Friends weekday Steve Doocy for the MENSA award) offered this: “what I like about this is that it’s like dating. Why stay if it’s not going to work out. When you find the one you stick to it.”

Comment: Why do I get the feeling that if the Democrats were running somebody with this lackluster an academic background, they would be called a “stoner” or a “slacker?” But here’s the thing. If Roger Ailes got a resume from somebody with an advanced degree from Harvard vs. somebody with just an undergraduate degree from Idaho, whom would he hire? Of course, if he had a photo, the answer would be clear. But as Fox deals not with knowledge (it’s power) but superficiality and emotion, “we don’t need no education….all in all it’s just another brick in the wall.”

Here is the Fox chronology:

Fall 82 (3 weeks) - University of Hawaii (Hilo)
Fall 82 Hawaii Pacific
Spring 83 to Fall 83 - North Idaho
Fall 84 to Spring 85 - University of Idaho
Fall 85 - Matanusaka-Susitna
Spring 86 - Spring 87 - University of Idaho