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Fox Sets Up Larry Summers, an Adviser to Barack Obama, to Bash Barack Obama

Reported by Melanie - September 8, 2008 -

Regular readers of this site know that Fox's "business news" guy, Neil Cavuto, has been loathe to use the word bailout to describe the Fed "injecting liquidity" into the likes of Bear Stearns, Citigroup and Merrill Lynch. Well, things changed today (September 8, 2008) when it came to talking about the bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. It was all bailout, all the time. For all intents and purposes the whole show was about what a terrible idea these b-a-i-l-o-u-ts are.

Michelle Malkin was the headliner, screaming that these are "the mother of all bailouts;" they makes the Bear Stearns bailout "look like chicken feed." Next came Bob Barr who also blasted them, as did Mike Huckabee (the "bailout from hell") and Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal. But tucked in amongst these guests was Obama financial adviser Larry Summers who favors them: "I don't think there was any choice for any realistic alternative that Secretary Paulson faced."

Comment: Bailout, bailout, bailout! This is terrible. We can't afford to do it - but Barack Obama's guy is the only guest β€”for the full hour β€” who favors them. (Yes, tucked into the coverage was the fact that McCain does too but his guy wasn't on for three or four minutes trying to make a point while Cavuto ranted and interrupted about how we can't afford it.) Call this the anatomy of how to subliminally bash Obama while low information viewers gaze at their television sets, thinking they're watching "fair and balanced news."

(On, and of course there was absolutely no mention; nary a hint of Sarah Palin's total lack of understanding of this issue.)