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FOX and Friends attacking Oprah for declining Palin interview until after the election

Reported by Chrish - September 8, 2008 -

FOX and Friends did multiple segments this morning 9/8/08 taunting and criticizing Oprah Winfrey for her decision to not have Sarah Palin (or any candidates) as guests on her talk show until after the election November 4. The Friends said it would be a huge ratings-getter, and Oprah, who personally is supporting ("in the tank" for) Obama, must be very afraid of boosting Palin's popularity if she let American women get a look at her.

This is not the first time FOX has used its platform to intimidate another network or host or program into doing the bidding that would (they think) benefit the right-wing agenda. They understand the power of the media, especially television and its images, and want Palin to be given friendly, laudatory exposure. So why isn't FOX and Friends hosting her? I'm absolutely positively certain it would boost their ratings - and they care about their ratings above all - and they could portray her as a combination Mother Theresa, Gloria Steinem, Demeter and Baba Yaga, Margaret Thatcher, Ivana Trump, Aunt Bea, Danielle Boone SuperWoman. To her face, for a change.

FOX is also blurring the lines of journalism more than ever in their complaints about "bad press" treatment of Palin in the mainstream media using "US" Magazine's covers and the Oprah episode as examples of "media bias," a tactic the McCain camp is employing to intimidate the media into groveling for an interview (supply and demand for ratings!) and expectations of easy ("fair") treatment of their candidate.

(Earlier in the program the Friends did a segment on "backlash" against US Magazine, and Steve Doocy said he "read somewhere" that 20,000 people called up and complained and said they were cancelling their subscriptions. Was it NewsBusters or MichelleMalkin, Steve? The mighty right-wing echo chamber in action, folks.)

Here's Cal Thomas and "pundit mom" Joanne Bamberger discussing Oprah's decision. While I think Bamberger surprised them and did an admirable job representing the opposing viewpoint from Thomas and Friends, note how the debate was weighted from the start (and note Thomas' sexist comments about Mrs. Palin "energizing" McCain):