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Repeat After Me, The News Media Is Unfair To Sarah Palin

Reported by Priscilla - September 7, 2008 -

I just caught some of the Sunday Fox Election HQ and found out (Oh, Surprise, Surprise) that the “folks” think that the media is being unfair to Sarah Palin. The ever smarmy Greg Jarrett asked Fox Fans to e-mail about whether they thought that the media was being unfair to Sarah Palin. Being loyal Fox viewers, who have internalized this Fox meme (media being unfair to Palin), they sent “thousands” of e-mails saying that (Oh, Surprise, Surprise) yes, poor Sarah is being maligned. There was even an e-mail from a Hillary supporter (right!!!!) who said that she was voting for McCain because of this unfairness. Guess that settles that! Fox’s Uma Pemmaraju (Comment: Is the new Fox dress code micro-mini because if it isn’t, girlfriend, it’s really not for you) said that the e-mails were “passionate” and Jarrett said that they made “good points.” The “the beat goes on, the beat goes on. Drums keep pounding rhythm to the brain….”