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Between cries of sexism from "the media," from which they exempt themselves, FOX does segment on Sarah Palin's hairstyle

Reported by Chrish - September 7, 2008 -

While Bill O'Reilly is busy defending Sarah Palin's honor and Gretchen Carlson is complaining that she's offended on so many levels by the sexism in the media, the FOX and Friends weekend crew reduced Ms. Palin to a fashion icon, doing a segment on her hairstyle. "Can you imagine them treating a man this way???" Alisyn Camerota, who did the modeling, was apparently savvy with the hot librarian porn references, and they brought on one of their hair guys to comment.
With video.

Now, what could be more sexist than commenting on her appearance and hairstyle? Hillary Clinton went through this demeaning scrutiny numerous times during her eight years in the White House, but seemed to mostly avoid those petty, diminishing barbs during her presidential run.

All this past week we've heard shrieks of "sexism!" whenever a media or news organization wanted to know about the Palin's family or questioned her credentials and record, something apparently not done by the McCain camp vetters. Now we have FOX, her biggest promoters, trying to sell her as a personality, a star, a fashion trendsetter, someone we all want to be like, the popular girl. Now that's sexism! Funny how, after continually mocking Obama's "celebrity," they're trying to work a little star-magic on their own candidate.

Note to FOX and eager Republican women: Sarah Palin did not invent that hairstyle - - maybe she got it from Tina Fey, like the dozens of women I see around town with similar 'dos.