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Who needs HDTV? FOX's bias and hypocrisy is coming in loud and clear

Reported by Chrish - September 6, 2008 -

I'm going to second Ellen's observation that the Republican convention was covered differently than the Democratic one last week. Most notable to me was the morning after coverage.

On Friday, August 29th, barely a word was said about Barack Obama's acceptance speech the night before because John McCain's campaign had stolen the headlines with the timing of their absurd political pick of unknown Sarah Palin as his running mate. No one doubts this was intentional on McCain's campaign's part, and the ensuing media uproar drowned out Obama's success. FOX and other networks have managed to cover two stories at once in the past, but this time they could only focus on one - the bombshell Republican choice. They did a disservice to their viewers by not highlighting Obama's speech and policies - but what else is new.

Of course, days later when the media was still in full headline mode the same manipulative camp tried to intimidate the media into their usual role of parroting whatever the Republicans fed them, but this was too big and people were demanding more information. So the Palin phenomena continued, until she herself gave her acceptance speech - and chastised the media for investigating her!

FOX duly echoed the sentiments, with pundit after friend after operative bemoaning the speculation, dribbling of facts, and opinions about Palin's appointment and background. By the time McCain's acceptance speech came around, a week after Obama's, FOX was in full defensive mode about Sarah Palin, uncritically repeating both McCain's lies and distortions and her claims to feminism.

FOX and Friends in particular (that I know of) repeatedly mentioned how the right-wing base was energized and excited by the pick, perhaps not noticing that their own exuberance and at times outright giddiness placed them squarely at the head of the fan club. In their eyes Palin can do (and has done) no wrong, and the criticism she's receiving is blamed on "sexism," in stark contrast to the FOX denial of "racism" at every turn, even as they demonized Obama via Jeremiah Wright for months.

The hypocrisy and bias has never been so obvious as recently. If you haven't already, see Meet The Bloggers latest episode to see the hypocrisy in blunt, irrefutable living color.