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Obscure FOX News blog trickles out truth: McCain lying about Obama tax plans

Reported by Chrish - September 6, 2008 -

I was surprised to see, at Alternet, "Fox News: 'McCain's TV Commercials Contain ... Out-Right Lies.'" Wow, how did we miss that? Well, it turns out to be on a FOXNews website blog article in a reporter's blog. Nonetheless, as Alternet says, "When Fox News is slamming the Republican nominee for lying, you know McCain has gone too far."

The article debunks some of McCain's most obvious lies about Barack Obama's tax plans, and worries that, should this truth (about both th plans and McCain's distortions of it) leak out to the general public, it could spell trouble for McCain.

FOX fans will give them credit for even allowing this heresy to appear in their web pages, as proof of their fairandbalanced, but the lies and misinformation will continue unabated on the network itself.