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Bill O'Reilly Orders Ambush To Defend Palin's Honor

Reported by Deborah - September 6, 2008 -

At FOX News, Sarah Palin's honor must be protected at all costs but when Bill O'Reilly sent his crew to ambush Cynthia Tucker, Atlanta Journal Constitution, his motives were strictly self serving Jay Bookman reports in today's AJC that Cynthia Tucker was ambushed outside her home after grocery shopping by a three man crew from The O'Reilly Factor. It seems Tucker pointed out the hypocrisy of BOR blaming Jamie Lynn Spears parents for her pregnancy while urging respect for the Palin's similar situation with their daughter. Oh no! Cynthia Tucker, unknowingly, activated the O'Reilly ambush express.

Remember the good old days when O'Reilly would just show photos of his media enemies who dared to criticize him in print. That way his little citizen army would be able to recognize the enemy if they just happened to be in their neighborhood. Now BOR prefers the ambush technique which provides the possibility of incriminating video to use on The Factor.

Today's video of the Tucker ambush will be edited and shown on The O'Reilly Factor this week and O'Reilly will look like the noble protector of Sarah Palin's honor instead of a vindictive egomaniac delivering paybacks. It's a good thing that Jay Bookman let us know what really happened today in Atlanta. Cynthia Tucker provided this account of the incident.

O’Reilly guy: “Cynthia, in your column, were you comparing Bristol Palin to Jamie Lynn Spears?”

Cynthia: “In my column, I was criticizing Bill O”Reilly. And I stand by that.”

O’Reilly guy: “Bill pointed out that Jamie Lynn Spears was running around unsupervised. You know that. So you were saying that Bristol Palin was running around unsupervised.”

Cynthia: “If I said that, read that part. You’re holding the column (in your hand). Read where I said Bristol Palin was running around unsupervised.”

O’Reilly guy: “You inferred (sic) it.”

Cynthia: “I inferred O’Reilly is a hypocrite. And I stand by that. Good day, gentlemen. I’m going inside to finish my Saturday chores.”

(They ran behind me, shouting, “Why weren’t you in Minneapolis? You went to the Democratic Convention. Why didn’t you go to the Republican Convention?” I didn’t look back — just got in my car and drove into my driveway.)

There doesn't seem to be much material for O'Reilly to spin to make himself look good but I'm sure he'll find a way.