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John McCain Lies About Alaska Governor's Jet — Says it "Sold" on eBay "For a Profit," and Fox Covers For Him

Reported by Melanie - September 5, 2008 -

John McCain told a big lie on the campaign trail today (September 5, 2008) but he should fear not as Fox was there to CYA.

Major Garrett reported on the goings on of the McCain/Palin camp this afternoon during Your World w/Neil Cavuto. His report included this, which he told with a smile as if it was nothing more than a silly sidebar: "John McCain still working on the biography of Sarah Palin. He said that she took the luxury jet that was once in the possession of the governor's office; sold it on eBay for a profit. No. She put it up for sale on eBay — had to sell it through more conventional means — but took a loss of 'bout half a million dollars. So, they're still working on some of the specifics."

Comment: I find that to be an astonishing statement in its undoubtedly unintended honesty. First of all, a biography is a biography and facts are facts but Garrett so much as admitted that the McCain camp is essentially creating a biography for Sarah Palin. Putting this in, leaving that out. Piecing it together. It's also amazing —though naturally Garrett didn't express any amazement —that they're doing it now — as we speak apparently — despite their insistence that Palin was vetted weeks, if not months ago.

And as for the jet? During her VP acceptance speech, Palin said she "put [it] on" eBay, implying of course, that it sold here, though she didn't actually say that it did. Today, during a campaign stop in Wisconsin, McCain himself said, "You know what I enjoyed the most? She took the luxury jet that was acquired by her predecessor and sold it on eBay, and made a profit!" It sounds to me like this is actually more about the GOP presidential candidate outright lying (or being so out of it that he doesn't know what he's talking about), and that is the news — not so much that McCain is "still working" on Palin's biography (though I'm still amazed at that). Palin didn't plop the plane on eBay, sell it and save the state a bunch of money as they would have us believe. It sold off of eBay and the state actually lost more than half a mil. Not exactly the fairy tale McCain wants us to believe.