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A “Grapevine” Whine About Mistreatment Of Sarah Palin

Reported by Priscilla - September 5, 2008 -

“Bete Noir” is defined as “someone or something unwanted or even hated, a pet peeve or strong annoyance.” In dealing with Sarah Palin’s candidacy, rather than dealing with her positions and world view, Fox News has created a great, big, Bete Noir in their accusation that the mainstream media is out to get poor Sarah. According to Fox, this pistol packing “gal” (Pat Buchanan’s words, not mine), who has become the “Messiah” of the evangelical republican base, is the victim of “unfair” treatment by “the media.” So to defend Palin against the scurrilous charges, last night’s “Grapevine” devoted three segments to Sarah’s defense. (Comment: When Barack Obama was being smeared by Fox and the rightwing, “Grapevine” was strangely silent. Hmmm??...)

The stage was set for the propaganda meme (this message will be reinforced) in the lead in to the “Grapevine” part of the show with the question “Has the media been unfair to Sarah Palin?” The chyron for the first piece was “double standard.” It began by referencing how the Democrats “decried sexist attacks on Senator Hillary Clinton” and then noting how Demoratic Senator Harry Reid said that Palin’s speech was “shrill.” What “Grapevine” didn't say was that this was said by Jim Manley, Reid’s press secretary who said this: “Shrill and sarcastic political attacks may fire up the Republican base, but they don’t change the fact that a McCain-Palin administration would mean four more years of failed bush-Cheney policies.” (Comment: Context means nothing to Fox. It’s all about the short propaganda bite) The next quote was from Democratic Vice Presential candidate, Senator Joe Biden who said that the only difference between himself and Palin is that she’s “good looking.” (Comment: yeah, it’s a little goofy and it’s being decried by liberal feminists such as “Shakespeare’s Sister.” And Palin's “Beauty Queen” status is frequently mentioned in articles about her) But the third affrontery was from a Boston Herald (conservative paper) columnist who got a little snarky about Palin’s looks: "With her long, straight, often pinned-up locks, Palin looks one humid day away from fronting a Kiss cover band... What's her position on scrunchies versus banana clips?" (Comment: Laura Beckham Falcone covers pop culture and style - in other words she does “Dish” – hellooo!!!!???? Besides, didn’t Fox’s Megyn Kelly do a little snark of her own about the color of Michelle Obama’s dress?)

The second segment’s chyron was “media in denial.” “Grapevine” reported that the media is trying to defend itself against criticisms of being “too harsh” on Palin. (Comment: so sayeth Fox so ergo, it must be true.) Politico’s Roger Simon, Time’s Joe Klein, and MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell were quoted as saying that the “unfair treatment” accusation wasn’t true. (Comment: Notice that the sound bite didn’t include any specifics in the accusation. I read a lot of MSM articles and they have all been quite civil. I guess reporting on a politician’s views, family, etc is off limits – unless it’s a Democratic candidate!)

In order to show that there are good newspapers who treat her right, the last segment had all quotes from foreign newspapers regarding Sarah Palin. (Comment: Whoa, I didn’t think that foreign reaction to the campaign was relevant!) which gave Palin favorable treatment. One was a quote from right wing Daily Telegraph writer, Janet Daly who bemoans the fact that Mark Steyn is no longer writing for that publication. Another quote came from another conservative writer, Miranda Devine, at the Murdoch owned Sidney Morning Herald. The last quote was from an article in another Murdoch publication, The Australian, which was critical of the American press reporting on Bristol Palin’s pregnancy (Comment: it’s news, right?)

Comment: Journalism is all about information. But as Fox deals in propaganda, information isn’t considered appropriate unless it is used to smear Democratic candidates. If Fox is so concerned about “unfairness,” why did they run with the false Obama/Madrassah story? If Sarah is to be given special treatment, isn’t that sexist? The press would be negligent if they didn’t report on what this woman stands for – which we won’t hear about on Fox. But word to Sarah. You’re in the big league now, you need to stand up to the “bullies” on your own – without big brother Fox. Here’s the thing, girlfriend, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.