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Sally Quinn Too Smooth For Bill O'Reilly's Nonsense

Reported by Deborah - September 3, 2008 -

Tonight Bill O'Reilly wanted Sally Quinn to defend her recent article about Sarah Palin in Newsweek but Quinn had no intention of letting BOR put her in a defensive posture. Quinn not only stood by what she wrote, she reinforced it with both reason and grace and O'Reilly eventually responded with civility. However, he wasn't exactly civil during a "poor Palin" duet with Laura Ingraham, on Monday, over what he considered unfair criticism by Quinn and Maureen Dowd. Trying to be cute he quipped that they should take a hunting trip in Alaska.

Sally Quinn immediately let O'Reilly know that she saw the chat with Ingraham informing him that she knew how to shoot because her father was in the military. Because she seemed amused rather than insulted by BOR's unprofessional behavior with Ingraham, Quinn knocked him off balance.

BOR called her unfair and compared Palin's family situation to Nancy Pelosi's but Quinn didn't take the bait. Although she may have been tempted to remind him that Pelosi waited until her children were grown before she pursued a political career, Quinn noted, instead, that this wasn't a partisan issue and he actually agreed.

Quinn stressed that her main criticism was McCain's lack of proper vetting which should have been done earlier so the press would also had time to do their own vetting process too. She also explained clearly that it wasn't about women balancing motherhood and career but about Palin's apparent family crisis right now suggesting that it might have been a good time to pass on a presidential campaign.

Here's a video of BOR and Ingraham.

Video of BOR and Quinn