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Fox: Send us Pictures of Protesters!

Reported by Melanie - September 3, 2008 -

This is how Studio B's Shepard Smith signed off today (September 3, 2008): "I'm Shepard Smith. That's a wrap on Studio B this gorgeous Wednesday afternoon. I'll be back later for the Fox Report, live from the convention center floor, as we await the speech of Governor Palin! That's 6 o'clock Central time and don't forget we're looking for you to report at the convention. Email us videos and pictures you think are newsworthy. If you get any of those protesters, we'd love to see that! Send them to the letter 'u' report.com."

Comment: You go Fox. Find and show pictures of protesters but never, ever talk to the audience about what their grievances are except in a ten second sound bite. Be they old, middle aged, African-American, poor, homeless or 20-somethings protesting the rise of fascism or the lack of universal health care or labor issues, refer to all of them as "anarchists" and of course, imply, if not outright say, that they're aligned with the Democrats.