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Fox is so Giddy About Palin They're Not Making Sense Anymore

Reported by Melanie - September 3, 2008 -

Remember that crook Ed Meese Edwin Meese III? He was an Attorney General under Ronald Reagan; one of the parties to the Iran-Contra scandal and a founding member of the neo con cabal. Well Fox dusted him off and put him on Your World today (September 3, 2008) in order to evoke images of Ronald Reagan vis-a-vis Sarah Palin.

Meese described how during the l980 GOP convention Gerald Ford tried to convince Reagan to nominate him as his VP so they could have a "co-presidency," but Reagan wasn't much for it so he went with George H.W. Bush instead.

Obviously that scenario has absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to what's happening this year, but apparently Fox couldn't resist sending out the vibe that somehow the paring of Palin and McCain is Reaganesque: the chyron that appeared at the bottom of the screen while Meese was telling his story read: "Will Tonight's Drama Rival Reagan's 1980 Convention?"

Hey, who cares if it makes sense (or not), right? McCain/Palin = Reagan. That's all that matters.