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Today Was Sell-Sarah-Palin Day on Cavuto or, Put Another Way, Liars on Parade

Reported by Melanie - September 2, 2008 -

Forget the "fair" and forget the "balanced," today (September 2, 2008) was sell Sarah Palin day on Your World w/Neil Cavuto, Fox's joke of a "business news" show. Oh, and forget journalism and facts too. None of that was in evidence. It was propaganda 15.0. The lies were flowin' like, well, they were everywhere. The GOP must figure that the real Sarah Palin won't fly with voters so they're creating a whole new version based on smoke and mirrors.

•••••• Karl Rove

Karl Rove on Palin and poll numbers showing Obama up by 8 points: "We got a pretty amazing performance that first day. She went to the Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio which had a crowd of 10,000 plus — that is the largest crowd by a factor of three or four or five that she's probably ever spoken to — it's bigger than any crowd she's spoken to in Alaska and there were probably more television cameras at the back of that one room than there exist in the entire state of Alaska —and she gave a superb, I thought, speech. She was warm, she struck the right note, she clearly developed a link with the crowd; the crowd responded very well to her family. It was an interesting, you know, introduction. And if she gives that same kind of speech tomorrow night and if McCain gives a good speech on Thursday night, I wouldn't be surprised to see these numbers close, ah, start to close on the weekend."

Cavuto: "She's got an 80% approval rating in Alaska so Alaskans know the whole skinny on her and they love her. That's the highest approval rating for a governor, of any governor, in any state."

Rove She's the governor of a state with a significant budget and big responsibilities, far more than [Barack Obama's] ever had." "The impact of a running mate is very, very small."

•••••• Jack Kemp

Jack Kemp: "Well, first of all she's a terrific woman, ah, a great governor and I think a great candidate for John McCain. It is so typical of John to reach beyond where the conventional wisdom would take him and he didn't make a mistake with ah, Governor Palin. ... The 8 point gap is absolutely nothing right now."

Cavuto - People hear about "all this nonsense they drag out" like the husband's DWI and the "child is pregnant" and they just get "kind of weird vibes" so how do you get "beyond the noise?"

Kemp - "With her speech tomorrow night," I think "these issues, existential as they are today, are not going to be there once this convention is over."

•••••• Rudy Giuliani

Cavuto: "Everyone says, too much, too fast. She could be a drag."

Giuliani: "How come they weren't they saying that about Barack Obama, when he has less experience than she does. I mean, she has run a city, a state, administered a budget, vetoed legislation. (Here's a picture of that "city's" city hall.) She's brought about a move toward energy independence which is something, you know, that Obama and Biden talk about, which is basically their whole careers right? Obama and Biden talk, talk, talk, talk, talk some more. She's actually made decisions. She's taken on corrupt Republicans in her state...threw them out of office. That, that's tough!"

"She will do a very good job tomorrow night. She's got a record. They don't have a record of executive decision-making." ... "The presidential candidate on the other side has no experience; has shown bad judgment; has basically, you know, been a community organizer, a state senator, and he's been a celebrity senator for a couple of years. I mean, this is a record?"

•••••• Lynn Swann

Lynn Swann: "John McCain has been known as a maverick. But he didn't go out and pick someone that was going to be the tried and true, old time, good old boy candidate to be his vice president, vice presidential running mate. He chose someone who for the last three years has been practicing what he also has been preaching. How many governors do you know Neil, if you had $400 million for that Bridge to Nowhere, would..."

Cavuto, interrupting: "Would challenge their party?"

Swann, continuing: "Would, would, would give it back? Most governors would try to find another way to spend it on something else. She gave it back. So she not only fits into his mold of change and of giving government back to the people, but she's practiced it and he has now selected someone who will substantiate what he wants to do. I think that's important."

•••••• Nick Clooney ("Veteran Journalist" (and George's dad))

Nick Clooney: Agrees that coverage of Palin's daughter is "demeaning" and he doesn't go along with "trashing 17 year old girls." "Why don't we leave these kids alone for crying out loud?" Clooney snuck in a serious dig at Palin though I doubt Fox's underinformed (I'm being being generous), eyes-glazed-over audience noticed: "Everybody who's running for office has to know this: Everybody in their family and every friend they ever knew is also running for that same office at the same time. I'm sure the governor knew that. I'm sure she must have taken this into consideration. Ah, she must have known that there was a possibility that this was going to show up and that when it showed up it was going to be an international splash and her daughter would be under the bus." (Oops. I thought it was a non-issue.)

Comment: The Communists had Pravda. The Republicans have Fox.