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Rove: Bush Had Foreign Policy Experience Because Texas Is Near Mexico

Reported by Ellen - September 2, 2008 -

Just as Cindy McCain laughably suggested that Sarah Palin knows foreign policy because Alaska is near Russia, Karl Rove insisted to Alan Colmes on last night's (9/1/08) Hannity & Colmes that George W. Bush had foreign policy experience as governor of Texas because Texas is on the Mexico border. Rove also tacitly admitted that John McCain picked Palin for “political” reasons. It was another discussion in which Palin’s corruption investigation and many of her other shortcomings as a candidate were conveniently overlooked. With video.

Rove’s comment about foreign policy experience occurs near the end of the video. But I’ve included the entire discussion in order to showcase the glaring lack of scrutiny of Palin on FOX News’ prime time debate show. She has already been proven to have lied about opposing the “bridge to nowhere.” She’s embroiled in a corruption investigation; she was a director of Ted Stevens’ 527 Group, “Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service;” she demonstrated a lack of knowledge about the Pledge of Allegiance; a group that advocates for a referendum on whether or not Alaska should secede from the United States claims her as a former member (talk about not loving your country!). And as Alan Colmes has blogged, she seems to have preceded her daughter into a shotgun wedding and then covered it up by saying that she eloped to save on expenses. And that’s only what has come out over the holiday weekend.

Colmes did bring up some of these issues in earlier segments, though, oddly, not the one about Palin’s own premarital pregnancy and not the corruption investigation still being conducted by the State of Alaska. But Colmes owned Rove in this and the following segment (see my next post).

In the discussion, Sean Hannity sang Palin’s praises. “I gotta tell you something. I think this is the greatest pick they could have made,” he told Rove in the first half of the interview. Hannity claimed that conservatives are “electrified” by her selection. It’s hard to imagine that won’t change in the very near future.

Rove opined that Democrats can’t attack her on lack of experience because it would only expose Obama’s inexperience.

Colmes began questioning Rove at about 3:31 into the video. Noting that Rove had criticized the potential choice of Tim Kaine for Democratic Vice President over lack of experience, Colmes asked, “How does that not apply to Sarah Palin?”

Rove had the rosy glow of someone who has had a cocktail or two. He also had a corresponding lack of clarity and lack of cogency. He made a laughable attempt at arguing up a smokescreen of distinctions. But, he conceded, “Both of the candidates made, essentially, political choices.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Palin’s abilities.

As Rove tried to change the subject to Obama’s lack of experience, Colmes said, “Karl, Obama has more foreign policy experience than George Bush had when Bush became president.”

“Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no,” Rove answered vehemently. “George Bush was governor of Texas having to deal with the Mexican border.”

Hannity taunted, “(Colmes) can’t get over it, eight years ago.”

Rove said, “It’s sad, it’s sad.”

Not as sad as Eagleton's Palin’s candidacy is going to look before long.