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O'Reilly Has A Problem With Pregnant Teenagers If They're Poor

Reported by Deborah - September 2, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly's just loves the Sarah Palin story because he can get his ratings boost without losing his crusader credibility by covering the liberal media's unfair coverage. Tonight's TPM took on all the media people who did their jobs today asking thoughtful questions or making interesting observations about Sarah Palin's situation. Isn't it interesting that BOR chose Mary Mitchell's article about teens on Chicago's south side, Obama territory, as an example of unfair "race baiting".

Mitchell made an astute observation that when a black teenager from the Southside of Chicago becomes pregnant Republicans are more judgmental compared to the way they responded to Bristol Palin's situation. BOR basically responded that it was not a race issue but a poverty issue reasoning that teen pregnancy is fine as long as he doesn't have to pay for it.

O'Reilly made a clear distinction between teenage mothers like Bristol Palin and others who need government assistance suggesting that these teenage mothers are somehow less emotionally equipped and suffer from absent fathers He kept it vague enough to probably declare if challenged that he was referring to all teenage mothers and to suggest otherwise would be race baiting.

O'Reilly was no doubt trying to bond with Sarah Palin on this issue. According to the Washington Post, Palin slashed funding for teenage mothers in Alaska and came out against sex ed.

BOR took another opportunity to connect Obama with Palin when Newt Gingrich came on. According to O'Reilly the New York Times and the rest of the "pro-Obama media" have strategy sessions to orchestrate the destruction of Sarah Palin. Newt Gingich was by his side to agree declaring that Palin is "the greatest threat to the left since Clarence Thomas." Gingrich took this opportunity to paint Palin's coverage as unfair by bringing up and and exaggerating the Barack Obama smears we have heard over and over on FOX News. Pretty slick, Newt. Too bad it made the weak case for Palin look even worse.