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“Grapevine” Says That “Even The Associated Press Was Not Sold” On Obama’s Acceptance Speech – Say What?

Reported by Priscilla - September 1, 2008 -

Fox does love to rain on Democratic parades. Whatever McCain says (even the gaffes) is treated as pearls of political wisdom while Obama’s comments are denigrated at every turn. The country was galvanized by Obama’s acceptance speech, last week, in Denver – Fox News, not so much. And they want you to think that their negative impressions were shared by the liberal press which, I guess, encompasses the Associated Press – hence, I guess, last week’s “Grapevine” piece entitled “where’s the beef?” (Comment: oh, the irony, the irony of Fox asking this question?) The phrase that was used “even the Associated Press was not sold on the substance of Barack Obama’s Democratic (comment: shouldn’t that be “Democrat?”) presidential nomination acceptance speech” seems to indicate that the AP is liberal. I don’t think so!

We were informed that AP writer Charles Babington's opinion piece was headlined, "Obama Spares Details, Keeps Up Attacks." The quote from Babington was vintage GOP talking point about Obama’s lack of “specifics” in the speech which “touched on major issues quickly and lightly.”

Comment: Here’s the thing. One has to wonder about the leanings of the Washington AP under Ron Fournier who once sent an e-mail to Karl Rove with the admonition to “keep up the fight.” Babington, in covering McCain’s campaign, does appear to use the same kind of positive phrasing that Fox News uses about Mr. McCain. Babbington co-authored, with Beth Fouhy, an AP article that reported on McCain’s Saddleback statement that life begins at conception and then noted that Obama restated his support for abortion. It was not noted that McCain’s position on embryonic stem cell research conflicted with his position. So I’m not saying that Babington is a tool of the right wing; but at the same time, it doesn’t appear that that the AP is a tool of the left wing which seems to be the intent of “even.” There has been some criticism of Babington’s article which can be read, along with the criticism, here. But “even the AP wasn’t sold…” was strange phrasing – but that’s propaganda for you! More appropriate (and accurate) would be the statement “even Pat Buchanan was sold.”