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Bill O'Reilly's Hate Trumps Concern For Sarah Palin

Reported by Deborah - September 1, 2008 -

Barack Obama's response to questions about Sarah Palin's daughter's pregnancy was quite clear today. He didn't want to discuss it at all and threatened to fire anyone on his campaign who did. Bill O'Reilly praised Obama and aired the video clip but then found a way to implicate him during an hysterical attack on DailyKos for allowing a post speculating about the birth of Sarah Palin's baby born in April 2008.

O'Reilly said that he didn't want to report the story but he just had to do it. That's exactly what he said about the Jesse Jackson deal. If O'Reilly really cared about Sarah Palin's feelings so much, he could have just ignored the rumors and speculation found in the post like we did all weekend. Instead he decided that discrediting liberal bloggers and Democratic candidates, by association, was much more important than being a mensch. Considering he did this from the floor of the RNC makes it even more outrageous.

BOR didn't go into detail about the contents of the post which was far less inflammatory than his average TPM. Considering O'Reilly's endless segments on national television speculating about Obama and even the horrific commentary on his website this week, it's beyond hypocritical for him to go wild over a blog post read by a small number of people.

Mary Katherine Ham and Juan Williams joined Bill in condemning Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and any Democrat who attended the Netroots Convention to speak in 2007 for the post. BOR also didn't mention that the post was a diary which anyone can do without authorization.

Despite his wrath about the evil liberal bloggers, BOR had no problem speculating about the effect of Sarah Palin's announcement today. Is there a stronger word than hypocrite? O'Reilly sure deserves one.