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Sarah Palin: 48 Hours On — The GOP Rewrites her "On The Issues" Fact Sheet

Reported by Melanie - August 31, 2008 -

A News Hounds Editorial

Friday afternoon (August 29, 2008), after John McCain announced that Sarah Palin was his VP pick, I went to OnTheIssues.org to look at her, ah, stand on the issues. Insofar as she didn't have much of a stand on many issues, and none on others, I decided to take a screen shot of her page and wait a day or two to see if it was gussied up. Sure enough, it was. See the shots below and compare them to what's on her page now. (Note: Some of the categories overlap in the screen shots.)

Of particular interest, imho, is that as of Friday, Palin had a "no issue stance" on "Corporations," "Drugs," Families and Children (isn't that one of her strong suits?), "Foreign Policy" (yikes!), "Free Trade," "Government Reform," "Immigration," "Jobs," "Local issues," "Principles and Values" (isn't that one of her biggies too?), "Technology," "War and Peace" (another big yikes!), and "Welfare and Poverty."

But, voila! Her "no issue stance" has changed, virtually overnight. Gee. Imagine that. Today, as opposed to Friday, she has actual stances on Education, Energy and Oil and Government Reform, etc. Oh, and now she has one on "Principles and Values" too.

Check it out. Again, below are the OnTheIssues.org screen shots from Friday, and here is the new, revised, issues page of Sarah - does she have a mind of her own? - Palin.