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Fox Repeats (and Repeats and Repeats) the Lie That Sarah Palin Opposed and then "Killed" the Bridge to Nowhere

Reported by Melanie - August 31, 2008 -

Yesterday (August 30, 2008) during the first four minutes of the Fox "business news" show, Forbes on Fox, the lie that McCain VP pick Sarah Palin opposed and then "killed" the "Bridge to Nowhere" proposed by Ted Stevens (R-AK) was repeated three times (in four minutes) during a discussion about whether Palin, "the DC outsider is best pick for stocks?"

Fox's Elizabeth MacDonald spoke first, saying that, "This pick is brilliant...she will be for curtailing pork spending; she was against the Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska which she killed..."

Three minutes later host David Asman repeated the lie: "...she was against the Bridge to Nowhere which was pork by a Republican Alaskan senator."

And Asman again, one minute later: "She also does have a specific record against the pork, particularly by Republican Alaska Senator Stevens. She was against the Bridge to Nowhere. She killed that project so she does have a little track record."

Here's the video:

Comment: Problem is, it isn't true. Sheesh. This does not look good. McCain picks a VP and less than 24 hours later the spinmeisters are already lying about her record?! That can only mean that if the electorate knew the truth, they wouldn't like it.