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FOX News Can't Wait To Portray Sarah Palin As Victim Of Media

Reported by Deborah - August 31, 2008 -

Bill Hemmer and the FOX News analysts warmed up today in the empty convention center with a discussion about Sarah Palin's press coverage. Jim Pinkerton, Cal Thomas, Jane Hall and Juan Williams struggled to find some indication that the so called liberal media had been unfair to Sarah Palin. Apparently any questions at all about McCain's surprise choice are considered criticism especially the idea that Palin may not be qualified for the job.

Pinkerton noted that Rush Limbaugh and the conservative media have been very positive unlike the liberal media. Using CNN as an example of the liberal media, he claimed John Roberts opined that Palin should be home taking care of her children but was knocked down by Dana Bash.

Jane Hall offered some truth but it was sugar coated. Hall said that Palin's inexperience is a problem and added that the media would be much nicer to her than Hillary because they don't want to be seen bashing a young mother.

Cal Thomas recited the Palin talking points flawlessly than added an unrelated comment to make Republicans look like victim of the nasty Democrats. Thomas described a billboard from the Daily Show welcoming "Rich white Oligarchs" to the city. Thomas said Stewart couldn't have done the same in Denver because there wasn't enough room to write "rich African American Gay Lesbian Latino Oligarchs".

Juan William, alleged Democrat, was Sarah Palin's biggest cheerleader pushing the idea that Hillary supporters would be drawn to Palin. Referring to the Democrats as they instead of we, he revealed that the "they" had contacted him when the set up headquarters near the RNC.