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FOX News Ponders GOP Plans To Exploit Hurricane Gustav

Reported by Deborah - August 29, 2008 -

On the third anniversary of Katrina, Hurricaine Gustav is now approaching the same area as potentially a category 3 hurricane. On FOX News the upcoming GOP convention plans are more news worthy than the this potential tragedy for people who have already endured so much. Today on Studio B, Greg Jarrett and Fraser Seitel, PR consultant talked about how Republicans could make the the potential catastrophe work for them politically.

Jarrett wasn't concerned with the people potentially facing a repeat of the Katrina catastrophe exactly three years ago. All focus was put on how it might affect the GOP Convention plans since Bush and Cheney are scheduled to speak on the same day Gustav is predicted to make landfall. Fraser Seitel commented that it could turn out to be a "blessing"and then cooly elaborated with only a passing mention of the people possibly hurt by this so-called blessing.

Watch them coldly speculate without a thought beyond winning the election at any cost. Have they learned anything from Katrina?

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