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Ex-Clinton Supporters Continue to be Stars on Your World

Reported by Melanie - August 29, 2008 -

I read somewhere this morning (August 29, 2008) that the McCain people may have drunk their own Kool-Aid in picking Sarah Palin as McCain's VP, thinking that millions (and millions and millions and millions) of ex-Clinton supporters will flock to McCain because of it. We shall see, of course, but one thing's for sure — Neil Cavuto's still got the pitcher (remember that frosty round pitcher with the smiley face on the front?) in this hand and he's filling the glasses as fast as he can.

Updated below.

His first guest today was Clintonite Maureen Cook who I believe is the same Maureen Cook who wrote this. (Notice how quickly she gets to the issue of race.) Cook was in awe after hearing Palin speak, once — this morning.

Over a chyron that read, "Will McCain Capture Clinton Supporters with VP Pick?"...


...Cavuto asked whether picking a woman will help John McCain "pick up any of those disparate" Hillary Clinton supporters, "there are after all, 18 million of 'em, right? My next guest says it cinched it for her. Maureen Cook is a lifelong Democrat and says today's announcement sealed the deal the way she's going to vote in November. So, you're going to go with this McCain ticket?" (At one point during the hour Cavuto called McCain, "Big Mac.")

Cook: "Yes, I certainly am. I am so impressed with Governor Palin ah, that she has made the difference."

Cavuto asked "What made the difference? What was it in her background or character that made you jump fences, so to speak?"

Cook: "Oh, I found that her background seems to be somewhat meteoric (yeah — from the mayor of a town of 9,000 to two years as governor of Alaska, a state that has fewer citizens than Cincinnati, Ohio and where the legislature is in session for 90 days a year) ah, and that she has come from a woman who was very much a homemaker with five children and proceeds to be a mayor and then goes on to governor and her speaking today was particularly I thought impressive because she was extremely direct. Ah, her honesty was refreshing. Ah, I think she's going to be a wonderful complement to Senator McCain."

Cavuto, pushin' that Kool-Aid: Hillary is "about, what, 18 years older," and "has a lot more experience...not a ton more" (not a ton more? —see above), so "that's a big switch for you, isn't it?"

Cook: "Yes it is but I found that, um, Sarah Palin brought to women a directness that we have not heard in the media as well as the Democratic National Committee. I feel that Hillary was treated very unfairly. She should have been stood up for when there were harsh words being said about her. I feel today the woman, Ms. Palin, is really the person that we need to talk to women, especially to our younger women, that she has something to offer as a role model❊ and intends to carry out and speak up for women. This is a new type of thinking from women today."

Cavuto: "Very interesting. Maureen Cook. Thank you very much. We will see if there are a lot of others like you and I guess we'll get a sense of that in the weeks and months ahead. Thank you very much Maureen."

❊ She has something to offer as a role model to younger women? Cook can't possibly know what she's talking about. Palin is pro-life, pro-death penalty, anti-gay and has not taken a stand on families and children, foreign policy, free trade, immigration or jobs. And as for education, she's obviously not all that deep a thinker. Her position is: "Fully fund K-12 and support early funding of education. (Jan 2007)." What's with these people? Are they fakes? I think they're zealots, so obsessed with getting back at Democrats that they're willing to cut off their nose to spite their face. Whatever the case, looks like we're stuck with them for another two months because Cavuto loves 'em.

Update/9:55 p.m. ET: I was just lookin' around and I went to PUMAPac.org, not that Ms. Cook is necessarily a member of PUMA but take a look. Scroll down. For people who are allegedly obsessed with Hillary Clinton, I don't see a picture of her on their site -- but they do have pictures of themselves and two racist caricatures of Obama.