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All roads lead to John McCain on FOX

Reported by Chrish - August 29, 2008 -

FOX and Friends broadcast this morning from St. Paul, the site of the Republican National Convention, with teasers of John McCain's VP pick and news of Gustav headed for the Gulf Coast. When they got to the segment allocated for talking about Obama's speech, Brian Kilmeade mumbled that "regardless of how the speech turned out, John McCain was on the money." Unbelievable.
With video.

They took this terrific speech and historic moment for America and made it about John McCain - specifically, his ad that congratulated Barack Obama. Steve Doocy added how this was supposed to be comparable to his Berlin speech, we'd be talking about it for decades and decades, but "we're not really talking about it any more."

After a brief (1:26, including :24 clip of Obama and a few seconds to voice McCain's "not ready" mantra) synopsis of Obama's speech by Alicia Acuna at Mile High, the Friends turned to McCain's VP choice.

Mark Ambinder, who called the Biden nomination, had noted that a charter plane was going from Alaska to near Dayton, presumably explaining the Friends' clairvoyance. Apparently already well-informed on Ms. Palin's background, they discussed "why this would be so smart:" passing on Hillary Clinton for VP angered a lot of her voters (so they'll settle for a stranger, as long as she has a womb?)

Finally, after the second break, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill and Brad Blakeman were on to discuss the Obama speech - but only for a moment, then back to McCain and VP speculation.

Most notable (in brilliant hindsight) is Blakeman's assessment that John McCain's VP choice should be

"Someone who will do you no harm, someone who could, most importantly, be the president if something should happen to you....and one of the things that will complement John McCain is somebody with executive experience, a former Governor like Mitt Romney, and more importantly, somebody with economic experience."