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FOX talking up Obama "celebrity" status

Reported by Chrish - August 28, 2008 -

The pre-emptive strikes on Obama's acceptance speechapalooza tonight 8/28/08 are pretty much limited to petty criticisms of the stage, with FOX Friends all too willing to repeat the McCain camp's nickname of "Obama-opolis" and the "Temple of Obama," as "some say." They are playing heavily on the "celebrity" theme, making sure to note that the set designer also did Britney Spears' last tour, and Steve Doocy suggested that someone, some Republican in the audience tonight, start the chant of "toga! toga!" Dick Morris happened to be lurking and was invited in for two segments, to critique the Clintons, Bill in particular, and to offer his advice for the McCain campaign at their convention next week.

Gretchen Carlson is skeptical that it will appeal to blue-collar voters (what? a football stadium and some huge rock stars? Duh. If they deliver him to the stage in a big Chevy pick-up it'll be a trifecta.) She thinks the whole "celebrity" image is too much "above" what they want - perpetuating the old who'd-ya-like-to-have-a-beer-with stereotype.

Dick Morris advised that Obama's speech be most like "dull old Al Gore," because Gore gave a SOTU speech, programatic, specific, substantive...but that'll be hard to do in front of 75,000 people screaming. Steve Doocy said Obama can't even be seen with any celebrities appearing tonight, as that will only ad to his celebrity image and "destroys his credibility."

Morris said the bad news for Democrats is that George Bush isn't running, and John McCain's mission is to "decouple" himself from Bush, so Republicans can sink a ship that's already deserted. Nice! They're throwing Bush under the bus.

More piling on in the program: an interview with the original "Obama Girl," furthering the perception that Obama supporters are shallow, silly, young, celebrity-obsessed...

MN Governor Tim Pawlenty, rumored to be on McCain's short list for VP, said the set-up looks like they're getting ready for the emperor to arrive (the gall of calling Obama the emperor after 8 years of Bush!), and compared the stage at Mile High to Obama himself, saying there's a big fancy facade but nothing behind it.

Here's something to consider: FOX always trumpets its "number one in cable news" status based on ratings. Their popularity with viewers is translated, by them, into an endorsement of their presentation, their trustworthiness, and their overall news value.

So what does it mean that Barack Obama is going to pack Mile High tonight? His popularity is being used as a point of scorn on FOX; his "celebrity" is demeaned by them. They have no holds barred in their efforts to tear him down; it's really sickening to watch.