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FOX News Conservatives Too Chicken To Face Democrats At Convention?

Reported by Ellen - August 28, 2008 -

Davefromqueens has an interesting diary post at DailyKos today in which he describes the lengths to which Sean Hannity has gone to avoid mingling with rank and file Democrats at the convention this week.

I suspect it’s not just Hannity. I spent two days at the Convention and saw plenty of people from CNN all over the place. But the only FOX News people I spotted were Democrats Alan Colmes and Howard Wolfson.

You’d think that “I care deeply about race” Hannity and fashion advisor to African-Americans Megyn Kelly would jump at the opportunity to mingle extensively among the large number of people of color at the Pepsi Center. And since Karl Rove was sent as a non-partisan commentator (who just happens to give advice to the McCain campaign), he’d want to bone up on his Democratic bona fides, too.

Cowardice could also explain why these folks may have been unwilling to stand in security lines with the rest of us, the very people "fair and balanced" FOX News is supposedly there to cover.