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O'Reilly Convention Jackpot Segment

Reported by Deborah - August 27, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly sure hit the smear jackpot tonight creating one segment including Obama, Biden, Ayers, George Soros, Daily Kos and free speech. Amanda Carpenter was at Bill's side to enjoy the bounty and accuse Barack Obama of trying to squelch free speech by objecting to the horrendous attack ad featuring William Ayers funded by billionaire Texan, Harold Simmons.

After O'Reilly showed the Ayers ad and Obama's response, Carpenter went after Obama for trying to take legal action to stop the swift-boating attempts. O'Reilly tried to incriminate George Soros for a change and also defended the ad claiming it was all true.

Here's a Buzzflash investigation of, Harold Simmons,the man behind these ads. Simmons has some profoud issues that go way beyond right wing partisanship. If O'Reilly wants to call someone a hateful, pinhead or loon, Simmons is his man. Neither Carpenter or O'Reilly mentioned Simmons by name but they sure were quick to shift the blame on Obama and George Soros.

The opposition may beat us in the ruthless evil department but their closet is filled with the scariest skeletons in the universe. Another bravo to Barack Obama for trying to force the monsters out in the open.