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Cavuto Loving Rumor That Bill Clinton Won't Attend Obama's Acceptance Speech

Reported by Melanie - August 27, 2008 -

Neil Cavuto must be so happy. He's got another juicy bit-o-gossip he can use to imply that the Democratic party is in total chaos now that he's bored his audience to tears for three months with endless segments featuring alleged ex-Clinton supporters who are allegedly going to vote for John McCain. (Only once has he featured a Republican who is going to vote for Barack Obama.)

The new "news" is that Bill Clinton will not attend Obama's acceptance speech at Invesco Field Mile High stadium tomorrow.

According to Cavuto, this is huge "news," worthy of two segments today (August 27, 2008). The first featured Bill Richardson who said he doesn't "know what his plans are," but he's a "loyal Democrat...he's going to be strong for Senator Obama."

Cavuto insisted that Clinton "hasn't given an inkling of being even remotely supportive" of Obama and wondered if "he's ticked off." Richardson said he knew Clinton was "ticked at me," because he hasn't been in touch but he basically blew off Cavuto's attempts to make this into a scandal.

Next came Claire McCaskill. Cavuto wondered if Clinton's absence would "send bad vibes" and asked McCaskill, "Did you show up for your kids' graduations?" McCaskill said, "Of course," and Cavuto responded with this demeaning comment (demeaning Obama is what Fox is doing 24/7 right now): "Now this is Barack Obama's graduation and the titular party head, he's not showing up."

McCaskill, to her credit, said, "This is not his child. This is not his child. This is not the same. By the way, if you think a candidate for office is the same as your child, you've been in this business too long Neil Cavuto."

Comment: What the hell is Cavuto thinking? Fox's audience hates Bill Clinton. They might take it as a positive for Obama if Bill's supposedly snubbing him. Not only that, imho, if Bill does take off and miss Obama's speech, that says more about him than it does Obama. Then again, as Richardson pointed out, Jimmy Carter won't be there either. I mean, this is what it's come to...naming the people who will or won't be there. We could go on forever about that, couldn't we? Oh, and I can't wait until next week to watch all the segments Cavuto won't air about: McCain to Avoid Bush during GOP Convention and GOP Convention Planners Want Bush Out of the Picture. Can't wait to compare and contrast that.