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Laura Ingraham Tells O'Reilly What's Wrong With Michelle Obama and Joe Biden

Reported by Deborah - August 26, 2008 -

Laura Ingraham, joining the FOX News chorus, told Bill O'Reilly that she "didn't buy" Michelle Obama's performance last night accusing her of prompting her daughters to talk to their father on screen. After elaborating on what's wrong with MO, Ingraham pounced on Biden for being a pro-choice Catholic who should not receive communion. with video

Ingraham tried to diminish Michelle Obama's impact with an argument that sounded more emotional than objective. What was MO holding back exactly? Ingraham never made that clear but left the suggestion that there's a sinister Obama secret festering under the surface. She argued that cute kids are fine but people don't really care about that sort of thing because it's a serious world. (also McCain doesn't have any cute little kids)

Then the sour grapes syndrome popped up when she complained about emphasis put on wives in the campaigns which didn't seem to bother her when the emphasis on MO was all negative and damaging. Also when the focus is on Cindy McCain, Ingraham won't have the same complaint.

When O'Reilly brought up Joe Biden's foreign policy credentials, Ingraham proudly noted that she had an Archbishop on her radio show condemning Joe Biden and claiming he should not receive communion. Now that got Bill's attention so we can expect more on that theme.