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John McCain Not Around to Invoke his POW Status So Neil Cavuto Does it For Him

Reported by Melanie - August 26, 2008 -

Mitt Romney was a guest today (August 26, 2008) during the anti-Obama propaganda fest deceptively known as Fox's "premiere business news" show, Your World w/Neil Cavuto.

At the beginning of Romney's two-segment appearance, the talk centered on the issue of Romney's possible VP nomination and McCain's seven homes. Fox has spun the 7-homes-issue — from one about McCain's inability to remember how many he has, thus showing he is out of touch not only with his own life but the lives of average Americans — into one about Obama "bashing" McCain for his wealth.

Cavuto and Romney talked about that today but Romney may have failed the VP test because during his off-topic, incoherent rant (relative to the issue at hand) he failed to mention — in case you didn't know — that John McCain is a POW. John — never fear because Cavuto is here!

Here's how it went down:

Cavuto said he talked to some DNC delegates in Denver about a potential Romney pick and they said, "Man-o-man. That's our dream ticket. These guys have so many houses. You know, one forgets how many has the other. You don't even know how many he has. What do you make of that?"

Romney: "Well, I was asked today how many houses I have and I said one less than John Kerry. It didn't seem to bother the Democrats when they had him. So I'm, I'm ah, you know, the politics of envy don't go very far in this country. The American dream is alive and well. People are not in any way going to suggest that John McCain, who, who's a person who served his country in peace and war in the military and had a full career in the military and then has served his country in the US senate, who's put his country first time and again; any suggestion that he's anything other than a true blooded American who understands the needs of our country is just not going to connect with the people of America."

Cavuto: "I also wonder too governor that a fellow who was, endured more than five years in a prison camp, I think knows a little bit about suffering."

Comment: Obviously Fox has totally skewed this issue but never mind that. One thing's for sure. McCain's got an incredible advantage given that "journalists" (read their code of ethics here to see how far they've strayed) like Cavuto on the "fair and balanced news" channel have got his back.