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If Fox Can Get Away with Calling This "Fair and Balanced," We've Got Serious Problems Folks

Reported by Melanie - August 26, 2008 -

Below is a list of the segments Neil Cavuto, Fox's "business news" anchor, just aired on Your World (August 26, 2008).

• Open the show with a report on FAA communication problem affecting flights along the east coast.

• Aaron Paz, a Clinton supporter who is circulating a petition (he needs 300 signatures) to force a roll call vote at the DNC.

• Reporter Carl Cameron on (per chyron): "Rpt: Clinton Delegates May Have to Vote from Hotel Rooms."

• Harriett Christian (you remember her) in a segment captioned, "Clinton Supporters Ticked She Wasn't Given Keynote Speech."

• Michael Dukakis on the silly topic of whether or not the Clintons' appearance at the DNC could spell "closure for the Clintons?"

• Update on FAA communication problem.

• Reporter James Rosen on sources telling Fox that McCain may make his VP announcement on Thursday in order to turn attention away from Obama's Invesco Field acceptance speech.

• Don Imus via telephone on whether he'll vote for McCain or Obama/Biden because he likes Biden a lot. (He's going to vote for McCain. Said Obama is "an empty suit and a phony.")

• Lynn Forester a "top" Clinton fundraiser who's "angry at Obama" and the Democratic party.

• Bob Toll, the CEO of Toll Brothers (home builders) on, per the chyron: "Dems attacking McCain's 7 Homes; Are they Playing Class Warfare?" (Toll is an Obama supporter but in order to prevent him from talking about what he likes about him, Cavuto steered the discussion toward the mortgage crisis and the housing crunch.)

• Mitt Romney (for two segments) on Obama "bashing McCain's wealth" and will that "influence his VP choice?"

Comment: I mean, Cavuto was pumping out the anti-Obama propaganda so brazenly that he didn't even take the time to work in the closing numbers on the Dow or the Nasdaq. He basically gives the finger to any pretext that his is a "business news" show. Obviously, Fox doesn't give a flying f*&k or have an ounce of concern about anyone calling them out on blatantly false advertising, much less outright lying.