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FOX Friends hanging out in a bar at 6AM; never too early to cast doubt on Dems

Reported by Chrish - August 26, 2008 -

On FOX and Friends this morning, Steve Doocy floated the idea that John McCain might try to steal some of Barack Obama's thunder Thursday night by announcing his VP choice at the same time. Wolfson agreed with karl Rove, who commented on the rumor last night, that it would be a bad idea and he doesn't think McCain will do that.

Although Wolfson also said that Hillary Clinton's speech tonight will be a full-throated, enthusiastic endorsement of Barack Obama, the Friends repeatedly questioned her sincerity and insinuated that the whole appearance is fakery.

Brian Kilmeade managed to mention Barack Obama's misspeaking last night in his satellite appearance after Michelle Obama's speech, where Obama said he was in Kansas City, then he said St. Louis, then, after his younger daughter Sasha asked where he was, he replied Kansas City. (Ironically, Kilmeade got it wrong himself, saying StL, KC, StL.) He asked Wolfson why Obama wasn't taken to task for the slip, but IF McCain had said that, he'd be ridiculed for being too old. We all know, and I wish Wolfson would have said, that McCain has repeatedly made far more serious mistakes and the media just glosses over them, if they notice at all.

FOX is still pushing the Divided Democratic Party meme, and no matter what Hillary Clinton says tonight I'm sure they will not be convinced.