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Discredited PUMA spokesman gets yet more time on FOX

Reported by Chrish - August 26, 2008 -

Recent FOX Fave Will Bower, co-founder of PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) was again a guest on FOX, this time with Chris Wallace in the "Strategy Room" 8/26/08. If we can take PUMA's self-aggrandizing lies about fund-raising as any indication, the effect of it's membership on the election outcome will be negligible, but their propaganda value is high enough to seat them with FOX's most respected (for what that's worth) journalists.
With video.

Bower didn't say anything we haven't heard from him before - he personally will not under any circumstance vote for Obama and will in fact vote for McCain, but other PUMA members may opt to vote for a third party candidate, write in Hillary, or stay home (again, he does not mention the possibility that any of his disappointed co-thinkers will, when push comes to shove, vote for Obama). He feels betrayed by Obama's FISA vote and campaign finance flip-flop, and does not think that a McCain presidency will be the end of the story - there will still be (most likely) a Democratic Congress and a number of Democratic Governors, and he and his group will work with them for Democratic goals - just not with Obama.

Could it be that there are other factors which prevent the PUMAs from voting for Obama besides those stated? Leave it to FOX to exploit and perpetuate this splinter group's discontent to further their own partisan agenda.